I am proud to

I am proud to announce that I have performed a BidBoy hat trick, with my third eBay auction listed on BidBoy’s site. This auction is for one of my most prized…

…er, one of my cherished…

…one of my possessions: a software engineering textbook signed by Gary Coleman himself. I got the signature in January of 2002 [archived blog], when Mr. Coleman appeared in the office mysteriously. We’re still not 100% clear on the reason.

Anyhow, this is probably the end of my BidBoy career, unless I can start selling less-weird stuff with more-weird names. I was considering selling my Dracula medal, for example, as a “Goth Necktie”, but I think that’s grasping. Maybe I’ll just rest on my laurels for a while, and try to think of some things to sell that’ll earn more than a dollar for the motorcycle fund.

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