In a weekend that

In a weekend that would have gladdened the heart of Winchester from M*A*S*H, Kate and I went to the benefit for the Young Friends of the Philadelphia Antiques Show, where I got to see Antiques Roadshow celebrity Leigh Keno.

Saturday, we went to the Brandywine Valley Association‘s point to point race, which is a cross-country course with six fences. I don’t know how long the course is, but it takes the riders about six minutes to complete, at a percieved speed of about six hundred miles per hour. There’s really something about watching a crowd of horses round a corner, shaking the ground and throwing divots high in the air.

One thing I like about the Chester County point to point races is that they’re fairly low-key; while there were plenty of SUVs, there were also a number of farm trucks — and very few big hats with cherries on them. Unlike the main line, Chester County tends to eccentricity: Kate noticed one dapper seventy-year-old gentleman with white hair and a tripod cane seat wearing a brand-new olive drab Sean John bomber jacket.

I spent the rest of the weekend installing toe kicks on the new kitchen cabinet, and filing down the excess on the new counter’s laminate endcap, which job I will be performing in my nightmares for weeks. Also, I changed the oil in my motorcycle again (this time, using a fresh O-ring on the oil filter access plate.) Finally, I lubed the throttle cable with graphite/molybdenum dry grease. Molybdenum (pronounced mol-IB-dun-um, all run together quickly) seems to be included in every motorcycle product. I’m not sure why, except maybe because it just sounds cool, like “tungsten steel” or carbon fiber kickstand plates.

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