Spring is springing The

Spring is springing
The warm weather is an intense relief. Kate and I spent Saturday moving furniture and fetching power tools out of storage, then spent Sunday installing a new kitchen cabinet. Wonderful to drive to and from Lowe’s with the windows down, wonderful to cut 1/4″ plywood out on the porch instead of in the kitchen, wonderful to pull the battery out of the motorcycle and get ready to make the switch to two-wheeled transportation to and from the train station.

The daffodils by the front steps are seven inches tall, and show signs of blooming in the next week or two, and every four-dollar flower Kate has bought at Home Depot has erupted from its pot with supercharged vigor. (Viz. her picture of some colossaly pulchritudinous tulips above, a week after coming home from the barbecue-furniture aisle)

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