The devil finds work

The devil finds work for busy hands
Kieran Downes is out with the flu today, and I’m covering for his work, in addition to my own — tweaking some airline emails, completing changes to a newspaper sitelet. So naturally, Jeremy and I had to find time to try out our new temporary tattoo paper. I created some barcode tattoos and printed them on a color laser printer. The result is even better than we had hoped: Kyle Smith’s newly barcoded hand is pictured at left.

The tattoo on Kyle’s hand works perfectly with my barcode wand scanner, sending his encoded employee ID directly into my computer. This opens up all sorts of ominous possibilities. To start out, we’re developing a Cybernetic Party Admission Module.

Eventually, we’ll probably be able to use what we develop for a client. Though that version won’t be likely to have a Cylon voice.

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