Iggy Pop also demanded

Iggy Pop also demanded a whole head of broccoli

My eBay auction for the “Terrorist-Proof Sleeping Bag” ended yesterday, adding $15.50 to my motorcycle fund (see the thermometer on the right.)

The winning bidder had a “.co.uk” address. Some standard Google stalking revealed that the buyer is a producer for V Graham Norton, a saucy late-night show on BBC4 in London. Review of recently-purchased items (click on the item numbers) shows a list that is ominous in its focused, laser-like intensity.

Iggy Pop, apparently, once sent his producer out to get seven dwarfs brought backstage: “I want seven dwarfs, dressed up like the dwarfs in that movie about the dwarfs.” So I think Graham is walking in good footsteps, and I wish him luck.

(cf. this “Jack Ass Tongue Ring“.)

Anyhow, I hope that Graham enjoys the sleeping bag, and that the chemical-protective fabric doesn’t snag his new Dallas Brand Stockings.

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