What’s left after booze,

What’s left after booze, guns, and body parts? Me!

I stayed up waaaay too late last night, writing an eBay auction page for the Remploy military-surplus “bag, casualty, chemical protective” that I bought as a Christmas present at Archie McPhee in the fall (but then couldn’t think of anyone to give it to.) I listed it as a “terrorist-proof sleeping bag.” I’m hoping that some gen-Z playstation junkie will want to plunk down ten bucks for it to go into their rave kit. Or, maybe, that a William-Gibson-reading cubicle junkie will buy it to use as their new apartment in Megatokyo.

So imagine my delight when I discovered that my listing ended up on BidBoy, the short list of the weirdest items on eBay, and a daily part of my Internet reading. My listing is just below “Jet Car” (starting bid: $300,000.00), and just above the assets of a Maine-based professional wrestling company.

Of course, this is only slightly more dignified than the last foray into print.

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