God Bless Ian Debski Ian

God Bless Ian Debski

Ian Debski was a programmer at [My employer]; young, personable, and Swedish, he would attend raves until 7AM and then roll in to the office and code HTML pages all day. Tired out after 36 straight waking hours of trance music, Red Bull, and lengthy financial-services disclaimer pages, he was easy pickings in our evening Half-Life Deathmatch sessions. Everybody loves bad poker players and the easily fragged, though, so he was a big favorite at the office until he was, alas, laid off. Since he left [My employer], he’s surfaced sporadically in AOL Instant Messenger to give us all a link to the latest kung-fu Flash animation or Yatta! video.

Now Ian has resurfaced with a vengeance, and nobody’s happier than me. Yeah, yeah, I know what the Sony Entertainment people say about him, but I tell you what: staying cheerful, friendly, and willing to broadcast your embarassing exploits on TV shows sack. The office gossip was that Ian had a Harpo Marx streak a mile wide, anyhow.

Ian Debski’s got a date on Shipmates!

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