It’s pledge drive time on

It’s pledge drive time on!

If you’re reading this, as you love me, go support me in my month-long mustache quest! As you probably know already, I’m participating in Mustaches for Kids NYC, which means I have a bristly, half-grown nose-comb hanging under my nostrils, sucking the very will to live from my suddenly-much-less-attractive lungs. The idea is that each participant collects pledges for the Make-A-Wish foundation. The love, support, and validation implicit in each pledge gives me, the grower, the stamina and the fortitude to carry on.

You can make a pledge in any amount from $5.00 (the Frida Kahlo package) to $100.00 (the Tom Selleck Executive Package). So please — if this site has ever made you laugh, if you’ve ever read a posting and made a human connection (“Hey, he might as well have been describing my powerful Mafia landlady!”), if you’ve ever blushed in sympathetic shame as I revealed the period in college where I adopted a fake Welsh accent for three weeks around my dad’s business associates, please, pleasesupport me at this critical time!

And hey — say you came from the website!

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