Our next-door neighbor Todd

Our next-door neighbor Todd is a blog-poster’s dream come true. Viz: the rows of seven-foot plywood toy soldiers that appeared in his yard this weekend. (Todd’s house is in the foreground; our house is behind the skirmish line.) Todd’s production company has a warehouse in West Chester, where the pink wigs, pink jumpsuits, and pig noses are kept for the volunteers who handle the Miss Piggy float in the Thanksgiving day parade. Along with lots of other handler costumes and props. Like, well, seven-foot toy soldiers!

Come to think of it, flanking things with soldiers seems to be a recurring theme in Todd’s work. Also, enthusiasm. Before anyone accuses me of laughing up my sleeve, I wish to state emphatically and for the record that I am PRO-ENTHUSIASM. I think it is awesome that Todd is filling his yard with toy soldiers, and if I had a bunch of seven-foot plywood gorillas wearing top hats and humming “Rule Britannia”, I would erect them in the yard immediately.

Kate and I are both staying at home today, as snow is falling thickly and continuously. I drove out this morning for supplies (eggs, milk, E.L. Fudge cookies), and the car was sliding sideways on the hills, so we made the right decision. The cat, however, is a little cranky about it.

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