I’m taking a personal day

I’m taking a personal day from work today. Let’s see if I can get all the following done:

 Vent the gas dryer through the ceiling of the laundry room and out to a new soffit vent

Half-done. I had to go to Home Depot, a local hardware store, and Loews, and still wasn’t able to find this vent. So I contented myself with routing the new aluminum vent into the attic (through a plastic gasket so it would look neat). Step two will be to route the vent through the eaves.

 Pay my outstanding West Chester parking tickets, as there has now been a warrant issued for my arrest

Done. The West Chester District Court is reached via a loading dock(!) behind a travel agency and a Mar-Tile store. But I paid my fines successfully, and the warrant for my arrest was recalled. Phew!

 Get my direct deposit transferred to the joint account

Done. I had [My employer] HR e-mail me the form, then I went to the local Internet cafe, printed it out, attached a check, and mailed it! I did have to bug Kate for a stamp, so minus one half-point for spousal dependency (“Honey, where are my socks? Honey, do we own olive oil?”), but overall I’m glad to get this one taken care of.

 Pick up new litter for Squeaky the Cat

Done. I got forty pounds of litter (he’s a big cat,) the big bag of Active Maturity Hairball Care, some Extra Giant Cat Pan Liners (op. cit), and a catnip pillow, which gave him an exciting kitty freakout session in the middle of the day.

 Attend a website development meeting for Westtown School

Done. Dan had done a great job of putting a *lot* of content into the site. Someone fed the middle school faculty ‘ludes for lunch, though — there were looong, meditative pauses to look at each new page. On the plus side, the sun came out and I rode my motorcycle over to the school, so plus one point for putting miles on my bike.

 Buy an obscene amount of candy for trick-or-treaters tonight!

Done. This was the first errand I ran, actually. I now have approximately one cubic foot of full-sized Butterfinger bars, paid for with the pocket-change stash on top of my desk, which I took to the bank. It’s a nice, poetic purpose for pocket change, I think, and in a remarkable feat of engineering, I was able to exchange the pocket change for about the equivalent weight in sugar. I wonder what you could do with the amount of energy stored as calories in the Butterfinger bars. Put an extremely tiny mass into orbit? Will Ronco, I bet you could handle this calculation.

Okay, it’s 7:34 AM now… GO!

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