Excellent Blog Postings to Check

Excellent Blog Postings to Check Out.

  • Genevieve’s Blog, with tips on holding a tag sale in Brooklyn.
  • Will Ronco’s Blog, with a blow-by-blow account of his latest triathalon. Kate particularly enjoyed it, as it took her back to her hard-core student athlete days rowing crew for the University of Washington. I particularly enjoyed the hard-core shorts-peeing episode. No wonder he’s chafed!
  • Alejandro’s Blog, which just gets more interesting all the time. Follow Alejandro into the not-that-seedy-as-it-turns-out world of Australian bathhouses!

Alejandro’s blog links to a horrifying Jack Chick tract, which nonetheless has one panel that I quite liked of the heavenly messengers talking to Lot at the city gates of Sodom. Lot is displaying a hell of a knuckle-gnawing Catskill Mountain double-take. This is a point that’s been made many times before (particularly at Union Theological Seminary) but what the hell was Lot doing hanging out by the city gates, randomly inviting tall, hooded strangers with Rock Hudson jaws over to “tarry at his house all night?”

This tract makes me really angry in a way that Chick tracts rarely do. Usually, it’s the pipe-smoking plutocrat that gets his in the end: finding himself in hell gettting poked in the ass with a pointy trident. I can’t laugh this Chick publication off, though, even though it’s a ham-handed, Mad Magazine effort. It’s too vitriolic, too target, and too just plain hatefully wrong. And I don’t like that “liberal” Christians can comfortably place themselves only three notches to the left of this kind of thinking and consider themselves comfortably open-minded: “Well, homosexuality is a sin, but there are more important sins out there, and we should focus on loving people, not persecuting them.”

It wasn’t until I got to Union that I saw Christians saying unqualifiedly, “Being gay is NOT a sin.” Even more, the UTS student body took the attack; some classmates formed a group called “Church Ladies for Choice”, in which they would dress up in drag and spend afternoons heckling abortion protesters. “Sister Mary Cunnilingus” would seize the bullhorn, her nun’s habit flapping around her hairy knees, and lead the crowd in a round of “Psychopathic Christians Spouting Crypto-Fascist Bullshit”, sung to the tune of ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. Which is sometimes better than everyone just standing around waving signs like a ninny. There’s a time to respect other people’s views, and there’s a time to ridicule them, and this Chick publication deserves dismissal and ridicule. I wish Seanbaby would take it on; he’s good at making fun of awful things.

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