On Saturday, Kate and

On Saturday, Kate and I hid a Geocache on Fox Island, which is a steep almost-island connected to the shore by a narrow isthmus. Kate and I parked our rented jeep in the town of Champney’s West, and walked up the rocky path, meeting lots of dogs and berry pickers on the way.

The first part of the trail is easy, up to Fox Island’s “porch”, where remains of 17th- and 18th-century fortifications have been found dating from Queen Anne’s War between the English and French. Then, there’s a precipitous hand-and-foot climb up to the top, where a couple of cairns have been posted. There’s usually a flag posted on each cairn, which lasts until the winds cut it to ribbons. This year, a red turtleneck sweater had been stretched over the pole. It could only have been there a couple of days; it hadn’t even started to unravel yet.

We hunted around until we found a deep recess under a flat rock, thrust the ammo box deep underneath, hid it with more rocks, and posted the coordinates to the Geocaching web site.
On your next trip to Newfoundland, grab your GPS and go visit the cache! There’s a bunch of good stuff inside.

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