“In the presence of God, and these our friends…”

In a surge of absolutely glorious weather (bookended on either side by cool, rainy days), Kate and I got married at Downingtown Friends Meeting. On the way to Northbrook and back, I had been repeating my vows over and over again in my helmet, hoping that I wouldn’t forget my line:

In the presence of God, and these our friends, I, John, take thee, Kate, to be my wife,

promising with divine assistance to be unto thee a loving and faithful husband so long as we both shall live.

…which is important to remember, since there’s no clergy in a Quaker service, so you’re up a creek if you blank on your vows, or make Comedic Wedding Vow Errors, transposing “Wife” for “Husband”, et cetera. But all went well, we signed the certificate, and our friends and family (who traveled from Colorado, New Mexico, Maine, Texas, Germany, and points in between) had wonderful, heartfelt, and touching things to say. The service was incredibly beautiful, and I’m honored and thankful that so many people came so far to be with us.

On top of that, I managed to keep from stripping the gears when Kate and I made our exit in the Austin Healy. Whew! I hope that’s a good omen of some kind.

We spent the night in the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, in a bridal suite so lavish that — I am not making this up — the bathroom had a bathroom. And two telephones, a bidet, and enough towels to avert disaster even when you enthusiastically dump the whole bottle of Gilchrist and Soames Extra Foaming Bubble Bath into the jacuzzi, with spectacular results.

So Kate and I are back at home now, packing for our honeymoon. I feel very lucky, and very happy, and very blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Thank you all so much for coming to be with us!

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