Yaay, the weather’s beautiful (so far!)

Yesterday, the day of the rehearsal, was cool and drizzly, which was acceptable (it’s better than baking hot), but not ideal. Today, the morning of the wedding, has dawned sunny and cool — the weather says there’s going to be a high of 75. Hurrah! Chester County looks really, really beautiful in this kind of weather.

I got up this morning and rode my motorcycle to Northbrook Farms nearby for my wedding breakfast (apple cider doughnuts, scrambled eggs, and coffee), mingling with all the other yuppies in cycling gear and digital cameras (and Blogs, for all I know.) Now I’m posting with short, clean, wedding-manicured nails. As soon as I push the “Post & Publish” button, I’m going to go take a shower, put on my suit, put the rings in my pocket, and go get married to the most wonderful woman in the world!

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