Kate’s Punk Rock/Billy Idol/Sombrero Birthday!


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(Click the arrows to see the pictures.)

Slide 2:Kate’s brother Matt came in from LA two weeks early. Matt plays bass for a hardcore band called Terror (“Straightforward hardcore with a negative approach!”: DemoBand Site), and he just finished a 20-day, 20-city tour. On the tour, Terror hooked up with other hardcore bands like Death Threat and Over My Dead Body. Matt’s got leopard-spotted LA hair now, and he can pull one hell of a Billy Idol punk-rock face on demand. There’s the Billy Idol face in the Healey.

Slide 3: The crew at Senora’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant in West Chester is hardcore, but with a positive approach. Kate’s dad canceled a customer appointment to drop off party supplies, and (from left:) Andrew, Steve, and Heather decorated the table with balloons and sombreros. They also readied the Birthday Flan. Senora’s is the BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD. If you speak to Steve in Spanish, he will respond in Italian.

Slide 4: Kate looks happy here, ’cause she’s just sat down to a pretty table and been given a Snoopy balloon. Dignity intact (so far), she smiles innocently.

Slide 5: Yeeeeah, that’s the stuff. Andrew hands out the sombreros. They’re surprisingly heavy!

Slide 6: Andrew lights the candles on the Birthday Flan, while Steve (just outside the frame) exhorts the entire restaurant to sing. This is working out just great!

Slide 7: The Smith clan is unflappable: once again, Matt pulls his Billy Idol face on request. The Billy Idol/Austin Healey/Sombrero combination is eerie, but I’m sure that the right person could somehow extract a blockbuster movie from it.

Slide 8: As for me, I don’t have the sombrero mojo, apparently: the best I can do is Terminally Bemused.

If you want to wish Kate a happy birthday, you can do it here!

Kate’s Punk Rock/Billy Idol/Sombrero Birthday!

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