We needed to get outdoors

We needed to get outdoors after a long day of statistical math, so I looked up a Geocache nearby and dragged Kieran and Boris out to go find it. Here’s the story, in chronologial order, as you can see depicted at right:

  1. FRAME 1: Kieran needs a break bad. Real bad.
  2. FRAME 2: General skepticism ensues about this detour.
  3. FRAME 3: Kieran finds the cache. All cares forgotten, he giggles like a little girl.
  4. FRAME 4: Boris methodically checks the entire cache for suitable plunder.
  5. FRAME 5: Swag in hand, we return triumphant. “Gosh, John, this was swell!

Staged photos aside, it was an incredibly beautiful day, and perfect for using a handheld GPS device for going to find a tupperware container full of toys in the middle of the woods.

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