The Ultimate Water Gun

You must pay the rent!  I can't pay the rent!  I'LL pay the rent!
The Ultimate Water Gun is off on another mission

I finally got off my ass today and sent the Ultimate Water Gun off on its latest mission — to Virginia, where mister Jeremy Justice will be recording his exploits to post for all to see.

Well, actually, I convinced my friend and cubicle-partner Kieran Downes to carry the stuff to Mailboxes Etcetera for me, while I took pictures. You can see him gathering admirers on the way.

Iff'n I'm REEEAL good, Maw'll let me lick the tater bowl!
Then, I met my sister Bridget, her husband Tony, and their friend Amy for lunch. As you can see from this picture, my sister had to ride the short bus to school.

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