Kate and I are in

Kate and I are in the Bahamas right now; we came down Sunday morning, are staying until Thursday afternoon. That’s three days of beach-i-fying, which is much needed, I realize now that I’m down here. In fact, it’s a little bit of explosive decompression; I find myself wavering between comatose just-want-to-lie-on-a-beach-chair lassitude and lets-stand-this-island-on-its-ear cantankerousness. Oh well, at least I’m not the first to get cranky on vacation, and Kate and I are actually having quite a nice time. The Bahamas have a booming tourist economy, and unlike Vieques the native population seems to be reaping the benifits of the American tourist dollar, often in the form of $100.00 hair braiding sessions for every one of the dozens of twelve-year-olds on the beach each day.

I hopped into the Internet cafe to get some wedding invitation addresses, and now will get off again. See you!

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