Blogs that I could have

Blogs that I could have posted, but didn’t, due to no laptop, in the past two weeks:

  • I order an entire new underwear rotation set on, and it arrives the next day. Rumination on Internet economy, fact that underwear was shipped from Grand street, a block away from my old apartment.
  • The laughable Yahoo! and Amtrak cross-brand “Internet Enabled Train” promotion, which consists of two Compaq ipaqs with CDPD cards in the cafe car, and one young promotions feller assigned to babysit them. I talk to him, learn that his job is to ride the train from DC – NYC every morning and answer questions about the Internet service. Since the same 20 people (including me) use the same train car every day, there are no questions. Also, there are no users. Rumination on the Internet economy.
  • Riding the cafe car with three New York Yankees yesterday. They all had their Yankees shirts on, plus sunglasses on leashes worn backwards around the neck. They all had the same personality as Bob Corbett, my mustachioed seventh-grate chemistry teacher that was kept out of the major leagues by an elbow injury. Rumination on mustaches.

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