Latest in the series of

Latest in the series of T-shirts that strike me as really funny, but I probably won’t be able to find a good time to wear: this one, from Aerostich. I couldn’t resist it, though, so it will arrive at my house in the next couple of days, along with a reflective helmet halo and some “Aerostich molded velcro-like material”, which I’ll use to better the attachment of the video camera to the Ultimate Water Gun.

In other, and more important news, Kate and I completed our move to our new house over the weekend, yaaaay! Which now means that I have access to more than two shirts and one pair of pants (I’d been living out of a messenger bag for several weeks.) Yesterday, I wore my silly Chochie shorts to work (really just oversized cutoff Dickies pants with Mexican hotrodder flaming-crown embroidery on them), and they balooned out in the wind on my motorcycle ride to the station, making me look like a goofy Renaissance fop on a small Japanese bike.

Yay, I guess. Nuke and pave.

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