Sartorial Week continues My friend

Sartorial Week continues

My friend at work, Kyle Smith, has spontaneously decided to start “Bow Tie Thursdays.” This is the same Kyle Smith that actually made one bazillion dollars selling CutCo knives during his summers in Kansas City, and whose Horatio Alger powers will either turn him into a kind and benevolent force for change in this world, or a towering force of evil, depending on whether he gets bitten by the radioactive spider or snorts the evil green swamp gas. Either way, I’m happy to join in on his project, and hopefully get [My employer] a reputation as “that Orville Redenbacher agency.”

Also, in re: kilts and eyepatches, my friend Alejandro Rubio sent me proof that eyepatches are the cognoscenti’s accessory of choice, and — best of all — Tiffany Webb, member of the The Ultimate Water Gun Council of Elders* sent me this link to my very next lawn-mowing, painting, and general utility outfit for the new homeowner. Follow this link immediately!

*(Moniker: “Mrs. Webb”, which has, I think, a Diana Rigg Healey/catsuit/judo-chop panache)

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