Ride to work, work to

Ride to work, work to ride

This week has been my first full week of the new commuting schedule: 6:40 AM train from Exton, PA, arrives Penn Station at 8:54. 6:30 PM train from Penn Station, arrives Exton at 8:49 PM. In bed at 10:30, get up at 5:30, repeat.

It’s not that bad, frankly, and it has its fun parts: I’ve been riding my motorcycle the 5.8 miles to and from the station, which offers me a pretext to wear a bowtie and carry a black Shoei helmet at the same time. And it lets me cover the same strip of road in all different kinds of weather, which has the odd effect of making me feel like I’m starring in a video game, combatting all the different settings. So far this week: drizzle, sun, fog, downpour (Kate gave me a ride.) It’s all worth it, though: the consultant who comes home every night is cooler than the consultant who stays on-site during the week, and the guy who rides a motorcycle to work is cooler than the guy in the station parking lot with a “ride to live, live to ride” license plate.

Now if I could just include a kilt and some kind of eye patch, I’d be on to something.

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