What with so much itinerant

What with so much itinerant wandering between Boston, Philly, and (occasionally New York), I’ve been bothered by the fact that my webcam has been showing a mostly empty chair at [My employer]. It’s the principle of the thing, really — if your website purports to show a porthole into the poster’s world, it should jolly well show a porthole, not an old picture of where the poster isn’t.

So I went wireless! I attached my Logitech webcam to my laptop, and am uploading real-time pictures of a bleary self on Acela Express 2190 from NYC to Boston. My rig now includes a laptop with a stubby wireless antenna and an eyeball-cam on a little tripod. I haven’t been this nerdy since sixth grade, when I attached a pedometer to my “Doctor Who” baseball hat and made it on to Channel 10 as the poster boy for the Hill School Computer Camp.

Hopefully, this time around, no wedgies will ensue. Though some of the ex-jock bond broker guys are giving me the hairy eyeball. Oh well, if I do get wedgie-d, at least it’ll make for good webcam.

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