Where was my self-confidence in

Where was my self-confidence in junior high school, when I needed it?

All day today, and I do mean alllllll day today, I’ve been normalizing data on the Soaps In Depth websites. Trouble is, the tables I’m working on are already populated with data, and it’s really really really tedious. But I’m learning to normalize much better, so that’s good. And my good friend Kieran Downes has launched his personal website, ilinxaudio.com, and has put up a new song that I’ve been listening to over and over again. It’s a really cool song, and as I’ve been sitting here normalizing data, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to do while accompanied by this song. I’ve decided that I’d like to slick my hair back, grow a pencil-thin mustache, wear some tight, loud, plaid polyester-blend bermuda shorts hiked WAAAAY up with black knee socks, and strut around Soho with a boom box on my shoulder playing this song and a beatific smile on my face: “Look, everybody, I’m dressed like a completely retarded John Waters clone and I’m STILL WAY COOLER THAN YOU!!!

So it’s a pretty good song, as you can imagine, even if my retarded-John-Waters-cooler-than-you button is easily pressed. It’s called “Sprinkles”; if you have a fast connection, go check it out!

PS. I could wear the Bermuda shorts in my new Mini Cooper.

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