My friend Alejandro Rubio has

My friend Alejandro Rubio has decided to extend his stay in Antarctica, spending the winter (until late August) surrounded by galvanized aluminum, Polartec fleece, and cool-looking Star Wars vehicles. And shut off from postal mail, UPS, and deliveries. I think it’s super-cool; Alejandro’s at the age when young men should be gathering cool stories to bore their grandchildren with, and he’s stockpiling them like crazy. I have every confidence that, at some point in the future, Uncle Alejandro will pull into the driveway, and my (future) kids, attracted by the Irresistible Power of Coolness, will race out the door and cover his car like the baboons at Six Flags Wild Safari.

That, and to get away from my own stories about Rommel Kott Cuellar, the Crazy Blond Mexican Plastic Surgeon With Ties to the Mafia.

Anyway, check out his site:!

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