Here’s the house! So

Here’s the house!

So this is the house Kate and I are buying. We got word last night that the sellers came down half of the amount we wanted; at this point, they probably feel slightly screwed, and we feel slightly screwed. Which, I’m told, is often a sign that the price is fair. So we’ve faxed in the addendum to the agreement of sale, and it’s all over but the shouting!

We close on April 11th, after which we get a roofing contractor in to replace the subroofing, grade the foundation, paint the kitchen cabinets (unless we decide we like the green color; check out the photos), replace the hollow-core front door, install a UV microbe-killer in the furnace ductwork, and generally eliminate all of our liquid income.

We’ll join all the other late-twenties-early-thirties couples pushing rolly carts through the Downingtown Home Depot on the weekends, picking out tile, frowning at paint chips, and marveling at the colossal fourteen-foot jacuzzis. Anyhow, have a look at the pictures from the real estate agent’s website. “Freshly painted!” Uh, thanks. How many coats of paint do you think it will take to mask the red bedroom? Oh, and mark your calendars for the big barbecue in the back yard!!!

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