Hey, I got engaged! As

Hey, I got engaged!

As you probably know, I’ve been dating the inimitable Kate Smith for a year and a half now. I actually bought an engagement ring last October, and it’s been hiding in a safe-deposit box since then, waiting for the right moment. Which turned out to be this weekend!

We happened to have just bought a digital camera, and we visited Longwood Gardens to check it out. I had actually been planning to propose later that day — I had a speech prepared, and everything, based on George Santayana’s Ode on Reaching Fifty, and we had hotel and dinner reservations in the city, but the combination of the day and the incredible beauty of everything at Longwood and my love for Kate overcame me, and I proposed halfway beween “Roll 1-42” and “Roll-1-45” in these pictures. I actually proposed in the gazebo you can’t see because it’s behind the branch in “Roll 1-41”, the photo where Kate is making Formal Topiary Face.

So the engagement is central to my life, but incidental to these pictures, I guess — kind of like Breughel’s Death of Icarus, or catching the birth of a baby on an ATM camera. The proposal is something that occurs tangential to the “hey, let’s try out the macro lens!” photo (1-16) and the “Remember the Irish rapper posing on the steps in Okay magazine?” photo (1-42).

I’m very happy! Hurrah!

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