Superlative February continues… …with another

Superlative February continues…

…with another lifetime best for me. Wow, I’ve gotta go buy a lottery ticket or something!

Friday, February 15th, 12:58PM:

[My employer] phone rings on the outside line.

John: Hello, this is John.

Caller: Hello, Super Tito, please.

John: Sorry, I think you have the wrong…

Caller: Oh, sorry, bye.

John: Hang on a minute, did you just say “Super Tito“?

Caller: Uh, yeah.

John: That’s what I thought you said. Hey, that’s the best wrong number I’ve ever gotten!

Caller: Um, okay, bye.

One quick Google search later, and I’m wondering: what permutation of digits in my office phone number connects you to this star of underground wrestling?

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