Minor Celebrity Week Continues Yesterday’s

Minor Celebrity Week Continues

Yesterday’s post reminded Henry Berg that he still had some pictures of mine from March 2001: the Day I Met Hasselhoff. So I’m posting the pictures below for the first time anywhere!

I subscribe to UPOC’s Celebrity Sightings wireless message group, for kitsch value and to have something to show executive management in pitch meetings. Last March, my phone told me that David Hasselhoff was sitting in the Hudson Bar: Jason Robinette, Ken Courtney and I immediately gave chase.

  • Frame 1: Jason and Ken look for Hasselhoff among a forest of black cashmere sweaters.
  • Frame 2: Ken finds him in the basement lounge. “Hey, look! It’s DAVID HASSELHOFF!”
  • Frame 3: Hasselhoff signs a photo for me.
  • Frame 4: Hasselhoff doesn’t want his picture taken, so he takes our picture instead. This is our indubitable proof that we actually met him.

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