The webcam, today, shows the

The webcam, today, shows the brand new [My employer] Oceanographic Institute, consisting of a MiniBow All Glass 5-Gallon aquarium given to my on my birthday by the inimitable Kate Smith. It’s filled with neon orange rocks (the garish color is reminiscent of miniature golf courses and tiki bars; unfortunately it doesn’t really come through on the webcam.) I’ve also put in a diver chained to a treasure chest, with the air bubbles that open and close the lid!

Next come the fish. My cubicle neighbor, Tim Griffin, says that you can buy goldfish, put them in a plastic bag, add some food coloring, and after a few hours the goldfish turn cool colors! Hopefully, the fish don’t mind, though I’m not sure how you’d tell if the fish did mind. Tim also told me about this teenager, who almost managed to build a breeder reactor in his backyard, so I’m inclined to believe anything he tells me.

As I update this post at 8:30 PM, the aquarium is giving off an incredibly pleasing christmas-tree glow, except that the glow is nuclear orange. I wish the webcam did it justice; I’m telling you, it’s almost this cool.

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