I got my very own

I got my very own copy of a venerable Nigerian “419 Fraud” message in my inbox this morning, asking for my help in landering $26 million bucks from illegal oil deals. Whoo boy, I can’t wait until my ill-gotten gains start rolling in!

Excerpts from the message are below:

Through some discreet inquiries from our Chambers of
Commerce, you and your organization were revealed as
being quite astute in private entrepreneur….
…This business involves the remittance of US$26.5
million (Twenty Six Million, Five Hundred Thousand
dollars) only into your bank account from our apex
bank where this fund has been lying idle in a suspense
account. The money accrued through deliberate
over-invoicing of old project executed for the
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation by some
foreign firms…
…We have worked out this scheme to benefit us along
with any foreign partner who obliges us the materials
and channel to transfer out the fund into his/her
nominated account with a view to travelling down to
meet you thereafter so that we can have our share…

The deal is that I call Nigeria, in a sweat to get my taste of this pile of cash, and start forking over “Transfer fees” and other money. I know a woman in the Secret Service who, until recently, was assigned to the Nigerian fraud team. Now that she’s off, it’s all going to hell!

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