[My employer] had its yearly

[My employer] had its yearly Volunteer Day yesterday; this year, all 350 or so staffers in the New York office piled onto four charter buses and rode two hours to Camp Sussex in northwestern New Jersey. Along with my co-worker Kyle Smith, I captained the scoreboard team. Our mission was to design and construct a two-sided, three-function scoreboard for baseball, basketball, and hockey. Drawing on Kyle’s experience stealing materials from construction sites to build half-pipes in his backyard, and my experience making hellaciously overbuilt “bombproof” lofts in college, we designed a miniature Green Monster that took nine people to lift into position.

My friend Tim Griffin won the laurels for “best gear” — which, in a group full of well-paid geeks, is saying something. The night before volunteer day, Tim visited Home Depot and bought the Cordless Power Tool Uber-Kit, consisting of two cordless drills, a cordless circular saw, a cordless orbital sander, router, planer, flashlight, and rotary grinding tool. He showed up in a hard hat, work belt and suspenders, and kneepads, all shiny and brand-new. Tim is now playing in the big leagues of woodworking, and you can see the adulation he got in the slideshow above.

The best decision I made all day was to put the User Interface Team in charge of painting the white lines and inning numbers. You can see the state of almost mathematical perfection they reached (working at what would have been a combined billing rate of about $1,500.00 per hour!)

If you want to see more pictures, here are some links:

  • Tim Griffin’s pictures
  • Genevieve Futrelle’s pictures

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