I’m slowly making progress on

I’m slowly making progress on my book project, The Time Traveler’s Handbook. For those of you that I haven’t told about it one bazillion times already, the book will be the one reference you need to rule the world at any time in the past. Lists of winning lottery numbers, blueprints for industrial breakthroughs, even (of course) lists of dates, places, and times of major solar eclipses. Now I just need to talk my brother Oliver into creating some cool illustrations. My favorite idea so far is a nice period-style oil painting of an eleven-year-old kid Tasering a knight in armor.

Also, of course, I have to embark on a colossal research project. I’ve already found some cool source materials, and have an idea to start interviewing college professors and other interested parties.

Anyhow, registered the domain name timetravelguide.com today, and will have a new site up and running soon.

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