PowerPoint? Power Drill! The Ultimate

PowerPoint? Power Drill!

The Ultimate Water Gun Council of Elders thing is working out AWESOMELY; my mom (“Uncle Nancy”) and friend Dan Check (“The Holy Eucharist”) are the first to weigh in. I’ve also had to fix a problem with the gun; ever since it came back from Yale University, it hasn’t been able to hold pressure over 35PSI. Make up your own funny comment about Yale here. Anyhow, I’m switching tanks, so I now have a pile of watergun parts behind my pod, and I brought my Milwaukee drill to work (I have to drill the handles to accept the cable that works the firing action.) The drill is sitting in an empty pod, charging its big red battery pack. There’s something satisfyingly incongruous about bringing power tools to work at a marketing company. “Gonna build some customer value today, yes sir, you bet! You need a strategy deck? Great, I can build that deck in pine, or I can build that deck in redwood!

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