Kaiju Big Battel My

Kaiju Big Battel

My friend Dan Check, who just graduated from Pomona College, just sent me this message:

…I’m thinking about going to some kind of monster cage
match wrestling. This seems like something you might like, so I’m inviting
you to come with. Might be seedy, but will probably just be fun. See
www.kaiju.com for more info. Tell me if you want a ticket.

Do I want a ticket? Aw, HELL yes! Check out the website; it’s a mix of American pro wrestling, Japanese movie monsters, and really bad Engrish. Hipsters from Boston dress up in homemade monster suits and wrestle each other in a steel cage. I cannot wait! The monster on the right is “Hell monkey.” Another, Atomic Cannon, is a giant disposable camera, prepared to “blinding enemy with special atomic-style flash for scaring a giant enemy. ”

This is gonna be great!

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