I reached a programming milestone

I reached a programming milestone today! I wrote and compiled a COM object that interacts with my Tikaro server. It’s pretty simple; whenever someone asks for the streaming webcam window (under the webcam image above, click “popup version), the resulting .asp page sends a command to a COM object, which in turn causes the webcam server under my desk to beep. Which in turn lets me know to stop picking my nose, sit up straight, et cetera.

I took most of the information from a great tutorial on 4guysfromrolla.com. Now that I’ve started to graduate from VBScript to VB, the next step is to go back to my .asp sites and component-ize all the data calls, functions, et cetera. That should speed up their performance and prepare me to start learning EJB! After that, my life will be filled with swimming pools and movie stars.

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