I launched two new

I launched two new sites today!

I do freelance work in the evenings for Bauer Publishing, a publisher of (mostly) women’s service magazines. The work for the sites, to a large extent, is done by myself and graphic designer Jeff Eades — he designs, I code. So far, we’ve made the teen celebrity site J14, and a similar site targeting slightly older teens called Twist Magazine.

With lots of help from system administrator extraordinaire Claudia Lacopo and programmer Jonathan Clement, we launched two new magazines today — ABC Soaps In Depth and CBS Soaps In Depth. I’m really proud of the functionality of these sites — they are actually one dynamic site that formats itself depending on whether it sees “abc” or “cbs” in the location. It’s also extremely updateable; 90% of the content is pulled on the fly from a database. I’ve written a custom content management system so that magazine editors can update stories, previews, and other site content using a web browser. There’s chat, polls, all kinds of good stuff!

So thanks Jeff, thanks Claudia, and thanks Jonathan! I’m psyched! I’m gonna go update my resume right now.

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