I had a great weekend

I had a great weekend — I cleaned out old storage, and retrieved my banjo, the silver firefighter’s coat that goes with the Ultimate Water Gun, and my grandfather’s steel foot locker, which is hand-lettered “Lt. Col. John R. Young, HQ 324th fighter group”, and is just about my most prized possession. Also the heaviest. Kate and I took more ballroom dancing lessons with Martin Kunc, a Chechoslovakian emigre who is teaching me not only the steps (which I kind of know), but also the sawtooth pattern used to navigate around a ballroom floor (something I’ve never learned.) We went canoeing on the Brandywine and saw a couple of creepy guys with baseball hats and mullets sitting motionless way back in the woods, watching the groups go by. I think they were looking for topless canoeists. I started whistling Dueling Banjos to piss them off, then promptly grounded the canoe. G-r-r-r-r-r-e-a-t, really smart. But we lived through the experience. Then I went for a motorcycle ride with Kate’s dad, and cracked 60 MPH for the first time. Sixty feels a *lot* faster on two wheels than on four. And that was my weekend. I came back to the city and embarked on my latest adventure, installing RedHat Linux 7.1 on my desktop box!

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