A Mentos-y way of getting

A Mentos-y way of getting Mentos

I visited 810 deli for the last time yesterday (for the last time, because my office at [My employer] is moving downtown to 25th street and Park Avenue.) Anyhow, I bought a roll of Mentos for a programmer I was working with, in case he needed fresh ideas while he was troubleshooting code. The guy behind the counter bagged up my BLT sandwich while I had my back turned; when I grabbed the bag, the roll of Mentos was still lying on the counter. There was a guy standing at the counter; I brushed past him, said “excuse me”, grabbed the Mentos, and walked out of the store.

Of course, when I got upstairs, I found my Mentos already in my bag. Just call me Arthur Dent.

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