Last weekend, I borrowed a

Last weekend, I borrowed a copy of Jupiter’s Travels from Kate’s dad — it’s written by Ted Simon, a hero of the motorcycling world, who in 1973 set out to ride 78,000 miles across the planet on a Triumph motorcycle. Frankly, one of the things I was mesmerized by the most was the picture on the cover. Holy cow, is that an antidote to cubicle claustrophobia or what?

It seems that every motorcycle rider has a Ted Simon story — about how they met Ted at a rally or got involved in his trip, so naturally I wanted a Ted Simon story of my own! 26 years after the original trip, he’s setting out again (this time on a BMW.) I volunteered to help out on the site,, and am writing a photo album script in PHP so that the pictures Ted takes can go up right away. You can see March’s photo album here.

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