Votes for an Aerostich suit

Votes for an Aerostich suit

I’m taking this purchase of an Aerostich jumpsuit very seriously, as it’s not every day that you get to select your own futuristic armored coveralls (my co-worker Jason Robinette mentioned the seminal jumpsuit film The Running Man, pictured at right.)

Votes so far:

  • Red with silver trim: My stepfather Robin Staebler, who has seen plenty of motorcycle accidents in the emergency room, so he gets extra votes.
  • Grey with black trim: My Mom, who will learn by reading this that I stole her book on “Professional Stage Hypnotism” when I visited her in Maine, and am committing it to memory. I’ll give it back soon!
  • Grey with silver trim: My co-worker Ken Courtney.
  • Grey with red trim: My co-worker Asad Khan. “…you have to match the bike, in my opinion.”
  • Grey with red trim: My co-worker Jason Robinette. “I think hi-viz with red would be a good Devo/Radiation suit look, though.”
  • Hi-Viz Yellow with Red Trim: My co-worker Bob Russell, who used to be a physical therapist and helped many people recover from accidents. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to get over that whole Ronald McDonald aversion I have to the yellow and red suit.

  • My dad had this to add about my new status as a badass motorcycle rider: “At our rancher-type house in south Austin (near Crockett High), you would go tearing down the short driveway toward the garage door and then expertly veer away at the last moment — so how can a motorcycle be much different, or more difficult?” Hurrah, thanks for the vote of confidence!
    The photo on the right is one my mom sent me today — she took it as I was rolling down our driveway at colossal speed (You’ll notice that I had to take my Zips off of the pedals, I was going so fast!) Click on it for the bigger version!

    I need your advice! Take a look at the Regular Colors and
    Custom Colors on the Aerostich website, and Let me know what you think!

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