Ming the Merciless, Darth Vader,

Ming the Merciless, Darth Vader, and Tintin Have a Posse

Saturday was a big shopping day. Here’s what I got, in order of purchse:

  • A grey velour pillow carefully embroidered with an Imperial Walker, from Ssur Plus. Ssur’s store is right under my apartment, and for as long as I’ve lived on Spring street, I’ve been resisting the urge to buy this pillow. I finally succumbed, and I’m really, really happy about it!
  • Also from Ssur Plus, a bunch of Obey/Andre The Giant stickers, the one on the left featuring Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon. I framed it, and now it’s sitting on my desk. During the day, I like to make eye contact with Ming and chant “o-bey!” “O-BEY!!”
  • A couple of Ben Sherman shirts. I love these shirts, they’re really boxy and British.
  • A Tintin book from a European store on Prince street called Karikter. Now I’m hooked on Tintin again. There are posters of the Tintin book covers that are really cool.
  • A pair of huge, heavy Red Wing engineer boots. I had a pair of style #2268 all through college, and loved the “swish-chunk-jingle” sound they made walking around. Hurrah, now I can stomp around in engineer boots again!

    Kate did a lot of shopping too, but got real-people stuff (not like the giant robot turntable slip mat that I also got at Ssur Plus): she got a couple of cool long-sleeved T-shirts trimmed with material from antique scarves at Claire Blaydon, and a trenchcoat at Built By Wendy, and a new pair of work shoes on eighth street, where the Israeli shopkeeper smoked like a fiend, squinted one eye, and warned us that the blizzard to come was going to be unparalleled in recorded history.

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