I’m back from Maine, where

I’m back from Maine, where I was visiting my mom in Belfast. Belfast is a really cool town up towards the top of Penobscot Bay, on the Passagassawakeag river. Passagassa…? I guess flatulence was the theme of my trip. Anyhow, I did the following:

  • Survived a ride in a small plane while the wind was gusting to 75 MPH(!)
  • Learned all about smelt shacks
  • Visited Acadia State Park and saw the Thunder Hole (a sign by the side of the road points to “Thunder Hole Public Restrooms”, reinforcing the theme of my trip)
  • Went to the marine supply store with my stepfather Robin Staebler and bought a blinding emergency strobe to put on the Ultimate Water Gun’s helmet
  • Bought a two-person backpacking tent from a local outfitter
  • Saw my cousin Elizabeth, my cousin Holly, and my cousin Max, who flew down over the weekend to write about the Westminster Dog Show for Readers’ Digest (ironic, says everyone, since he doesn’t like dogs much)
  • Read my grandmother’s diary during her sophomore spring at Vassar in 1930, in which she meets my grandfather and falls in love, and
  • Looked at lots of family photos. That’s my mom in the picture above, with my uncle Bob. The inscription on the back reads “Sarah [my grandmother] has sensibly dressed Sally and Bob in denims.”

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