Hey hey! I’m back from

Hey hey! I’m back from vacation, and am a very different color. Vieques was great, the small plane rides to and from the island were safe (if bumpy), we were met by Sue Green, who manages my family’s house down there (the porch | the living room), Kate and I took a pontoon boat ride through Esperanza harbor and heard the local legends about Monte Pirata, ‘Pirate Mountain’, that may contain deep, ocean-connected caves, pirate gold, and a secret UFO base being monitored by the US Navy, went snorkeling, lay on the beach, took a kayak at night across an indescribably amazing bioluminescent bay, met and had dinner with friends from Kate’s hometown of West Chester, PA, including the guitar player from The Hooters, read lots of Dashiell Hammett, and now find myself unexpectedly back at my desk at work. Sic transit gloria mundi!

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