My Team At [My employer]

My Team At [My employer]

This is my team at [My employer]. As recognition for their hard work and their devotion to our mission, I purchased 100%-human-hair facial appliances for each of them. Here’s a photo of everyone:

  • Alejandro Rubio, Senior Technology Analyst, sporting a classic “P.J. O’Pootertoot’s Pizza-Time Theater” handlebar mustache.
  • Jason Robinette, Senior Technology Analyst, wearing a modified Kentucky Pork Chop.
  • Bob Russell, Senior Technology Analyst, as Watson.-
  • Myself.
  • Ken Courtney, Senior Technology Analyst, wearing ginger “Sindbad the Sailor” whiskers.
  • Asad Khan, Programmer Analyst, in a silver Wu-Tang special.
  • Some guy that showed up in the lobby.*

  • Not pictured: Adam Hyer, Senior Programmer Analyst. I have something special planned for him.

*Actually, that’s Brandon Goldstein, Programmer Analyst. That’s his real mustache, by the way.

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