Ultimate Water Gun Pontani Adventure Photo Shoot To-Do List, Three Weeks Later:

  • Finalize copyright ownership details with Julie: not done
  • Get final model release from World-Famous Pontani Sisters: not done
  • Get model release from American Helicopter Museum for use of facility: not done
  • Sort heap of hardware sitting in center of garage, where it was piled after the shoot: not done

On the other hand…

  • Get freaking cool translucent Duratrans photo output from Duggal to make homemade UWG Pontani Adventure lightboxes: DONE
  • Pitch 1,000 words and a picture to MAKE magazine: “HOWTO make a head-mounted water cannon!” along with Pontani picture and a sidebar about the Pontani sisters: DONE (editorial deadline: 9/16! woo-hoo!)
  • Post pictures to website, even though they’re still, strictly speaking, preliminary: DONE!

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Ultimate Water Gun Pontani Adventure Photo Shoot To-Do List, Three Weeks Later:

Here’s the part where Kieran freaks out

From: John Young
To: Kieran Downes

I’m sorry to do this to you, my friend. I’m aware that your grief at
not being there in person for the photo shoot may break you, but I have to show you this preliminary photo:

Angie says “hi”, by the way.
From: Kieran Downes
To: John Young

Dear Mr. Young,

We regret to inform you that upon receiving the email
reprinted below for your convenience, Kieran Downes
was in fact overwhelmed with grief at having missed
this spectacular occasion and is currently
hospitalized at an undisclosed facility specializing
in broken-heartedness. The authorities believe that
while the photos alone were probably enough to send
him into a fit of despair, it was even the
possibility, the most remote chance, that Angie
Pontani would pass along her personal greetings that
pushed him over the edge. His condition remains
extremely serious. We will keep you informed.

The management

Oh. . . my . . . GAWD.

Here’s the part where Kieran freaks out